How to Keep Your Pet Safe and Secure on Fireworks Night?

Firework nights are very pleasant for everyone. The use of fireworks for cats, rabbits, and small animals, can be traumatic, frightening, and even painful. You can purchase safe air bomb firecracker from various similar sources,

Firework whistles can cause pain in the ears of your pets and make some animals physically ill. And with November 5 falling on Wednesday this year, the fireworks season is likely to be extended for at least ten days. So what can you do to keep your pet safe and stress-free?

Pets must be kept indoors when fireworks are released. Keep doors and windows close. This also applies to rabbits and small animals that are usually kept outside, because these pets are easily frightened.

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Next, prepare a suitable place for dogs, cats or rabbits to hide, with blankets and beds to hide and some of your clothes that have not been washed for their comfort in their favorite room. Make sure they have plenty of water and eat well before the noise starts so they feel sleepy and lethargic naturally.

Don't tie your dog outside (e.g. Shop), leave him in the car or take him for a walk when the fireworks are released. And never shout at your cat, dog or rabbit if you are scared because you will only make it more stressful.

The last word about what will only make matters worse. Never bring your dog to the firework screen – even if your dog doesn't bark or whine, it doesn't mean he is happy. Panting and excessive yawning can sometimes indicate that your dog is stressed.