How do Top CEOs Manage and Value their Time?

Based on a study by Harvard Business, they have stated that many CEOs usually work 62hours per week and also manage to spend time to come up with different strategies based on the company they are working for. If you’re wondering how a CEO of a company works for 62 hours and still manage their time properly, then this is how they do it.

  • They Get Up Early – Before the sun even starts to rise, CEOs usually get up as early as 4am. This discipline is hard to follow for normal people like us however, that isn’t the case for the CEO. In fact, few CEOs are known to be more productive where they can plan for the entire day.
  • They Do Workout like Anybody Else – Working out early in the morning is known to offer major benefits when compared to working out in the evening. CEOs understand the idea behind this and therefore, they manage to take some time out to get their heart burn. For instance; some either hit the gym or play some outdoor or indoor games such as swimming, tennis, badminton etc.
  • They Focus Less on Decision Making – Decision making is a complicated process where the level of success or failure cannot be determined properly. For some, it takes time while for others, it works like a charm. For CEOs, they often give less importance when it comes to decision making. For example; Warren Buffet doesn’t mind having the same meal every day.

CEOs are also known to take help and advice from many business coaches in case they face an obstacle they cannot solve by themselves. If you aspire to become one, then you can get into business coaching in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.