Transitional Style Coffee Tables

The coffee table might seem like a thought after, something thrown into the room. But they can be great design tools.

Coffee tables, especially in a transitional style space, can add interest, strengthen your scheme, and be a fun way to express your personality.

The transitional space combines the elegance of traditional style with clean lines of contemporary style, so coffee tables in such rooms must fit the bill.

Round coffee tables have always been a classic choice. They increase the flow around the room. Round coffee tables are basically more kid-friendly because there are no sharp corners to crash into. Angles are also the first place to show blisters and wear because they always bump.

In transitional spaces, round coffee tables work very well because they easily straddle traditional and contemporary designs. If storage is a problem, consider having a shelf below or drawer. You can browse to know more about the Noguchi coffee table replica.

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Rectangular coffee tables are the most common. Their proportion works very well in balancing sofas, they come in a variety of styles and finishes, and often they are very affordable.

When designing transitional spaces, make sure the lines of the coffee table are very simple and clean. Any decoration or fuss will make it too traditional.

Multifunctional furniture pieces make use of the space you already have. Ottomans are very flexible because they can moonlight as additional seating if needed.

They are also a comfortable place to lift your feet, and with trays, they make an excellent place to put drinks.

Ottoman also allows you to bring fabrics that enhance your design scheme. Make sure the fabric is durable or can be washed. There is nothing worse than furniture that you are afraid to use.

Nesting tables are also a unique choice for coffee tables. They need the minimum amount of space while still offering all the benefits of a regular coffee table.

Along the same line, you can also use two similar tables or cubes side by side for the impact of a traditional coffee table with a unique touch. The flexibility of this idea is interesting, especially in small spaces. The tables are easy to move and usually can bring a more modern atmosphere.