The time when Asbestos is Considered Dangerous


One of the easiest portals of entry for asbestos is through the nose. When asbestos enters via nose, it starts to enter the lungs and get accumulated. Although it sounds harmless, the accumulation makes it dangerous as it is capable of causing life-threatening diseases. Apart from causing life-threatening diseases, there is no remedy at the moment. Another reason it is easy for asbestos to enter the nose is when handled by hand, it can be easily crumbled. This allows the asbestos to get mixed with the atmosphere becoming almost invisible to the naked eye. Some of the diseases caused by asbestos include.

  • Lung Cancer –Everyone knows how dangerous lung cancer as a disease is. Traditionally, smoking was the main culprit of causing this disease but not anymore. Asbestos too is one of the reasons that lead to causing lung cancer. At times, asbestos material is also known to cause death to those when affected by it. Workers, who work in the fields of mining, manufacturing, etc., are always on the risk of lung cancer due to the presence of asbestos. Once affected, it can lead to symptoms such as coughing, chest pains, breathing problem etc.
  • Asbestosis – Another asbestos related disease seen in many individuals. This disease is regarded as non-cancerous.However, it can lead to scars on the lungs when present inside the lungs leading to pain while breathing. At the moment, there is no cure for this disease which can ultimately lead to fatal situations at later point of time.

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